Momentum Studio believes in what we call Sensitive Design Solutions. There is a spectrum of professionalism. Some designers are not as able or willing to intuitively listen, interpret, and fulfill a client’s underlying hot-button desires for their design project. Every client has specific concerns for the design they are contracting that go further than a bland set of documents. Experience is on our side in this way:  our principals at Momentum Studio have come to be gifted at sensitive and constructive listening, and this informs our approach to your healthcare project from early stages. Our team listens and educates, and we believe that this communication—and putting every bit of our integrity behind all that we do— is the basis of our work.

We believe healthcare provides a design environment where workflow is paramount; it saves patients’ lives and optimizes your capital expenditure. Communication with project managers and medical practitioners ensures we focus on workflow desires and recommendations. Paying attention to budgets and timelines saves our clients money in terms of actual and opportunity costs: they can go back to the business of helping patients.

We at Momentum Studio believe that time, budget and design efficacy are the three threads we must combine to make the best work for our clients. Creativity, for us, does not exist in a vacuum, meaning that effectiveness of our designers stems directly from the customer’s needs. Clients inform us what in their built world needs to be made better, and we harness our combined 85 years exposure to architectural styles, best-practice methods, and foundational experience as practitioners to come up with a solution that fits each client and each project.

Our work is not finished at design’s edge. Momentum Studio is a full production house. We generate all construction documents, we contract with all needed engineers, and we process all OSHPD and city/county permits. We work so you do not have to, we are on call, and we work all the way to the project’s end.

Momentum Studio’s approach to sustainable design is that, as stewards of the built environment, being as green as possible is our responsibility. Our perspective is that, at its best, environmentally conscientious design is more than using a catalog’s-worth of special products. Master Planning responsibilities are acted out at Momentum Studio so that our buildings work with their climates—the breeze and the availability of sun—to ventilate, light and warm their premises as effectively by natural means as is feasible. Our conclusion is that harnessing nature in this way, along with lowering energy consumption, ensures healthier, warmer, more cost effective, and sustainable spaces for patient recuperation.

Healthcare design work has been our specialty for decades. We understand its dynamics at all scales and degrees of complexity. We are here to be integral to your next project team. We will bring the answers and excellent end product, and you will get the medical spaces for your employees and patients — with the warmth and the serenity they need. No challenges, only solutions. Imagine.